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  The History of Pysanky
The Tools Used For Pysanky
The Process
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Traditional Kistka

Marie Procai, founder of the Ukrainian Gift Shop, made her first writing tool (kistka) using the metal tip of a shoelace. After she married Tony Procai, he made the tools for her and their family. He made copper cones and pushed them through a wooden dowel. Then he bound the copper cone and dowel together with copper wire. This style kistka is still hand made by the Ukrainian Gift Shop, Inc. They are the traditional kistky.

Delrin Kistka

In the late 70's the Ukrainian Gift Shop developed a machined kistka, which we call the delrin kistky. They are named after their handle, which is made of delrin, a lightweight, heat resistant plastic. The funnel is made of brass. A single wire holds the funnel and handle together.

Interchangeable Electric Kistka
Shown in single holder

Electric kistky have been gaining popularity over the past 10 years or more. Heat flow is constant with the electric kistka. This has become the preferred kistka of many egg decorators. However, beginners and ethnic purists still love the mystique of the traditional method of kistka and candle flame. All of the tools pictured here, and many more, can be purchased from our online store.

Delrin and Traditional Kistky Holders
Electric Kistky Holders







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